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Healthier Feet, One Step at a Time

Feet are an amazing complex structure containing one quarter of the body’s bones, held together with ligaments, muscles, tendons and fascia. Each day they carry you smoothly and efficiently through thousands of steps.

Sometimes biomechanical problems develop interrupting smooth, pain free gait (walking). Careful examination of your feet and gait, by a Chiropodist, is an essential step in correctly addressing your foot problems. Biomechanical problems can be simply due to body structure or related to a medical condition.

In order to address a biomechanical problem, your chiropodist may prescribe custom orthotics. Custom orthotics alter the way your feet interact with the ground. Everyone’s feet, legs, hips and biomechanics are unique. Improper foot alignment or skeletal imbalances can cause pain throughout your body by overstressing muscles, tendons, bones and joints. As you walk, custom orthotics help to control your foot motion and weight distribution. They work to eliminate the specific causes of your pain, not just the symptoms.

Early detection and recognition of foot problems is very important if one wishes to keep their feet happy and healthy.

Jamie Maczko